Anthony's Photography
  • Lifes Door

    I don't know what about this photo makes me think about life. It looks some what nice on the outside but when you look inside you start seeing the mess that I feel we all have, some people have bigger messes then others.

  • Picture Rock

    This picture was taken several years back, the photo it's self was not that appealing, but when I turned it into a pencil drawing it completely changed the feel.

  • A Touch of Bahamas in the U.P.

    This was taken at Picture Rock, and after some fun work, I can now look at it and feel I am in the Bahamas. It's nice when winter comes to Michigan.

  • 18 Dergee Sunset

    The story behind this photo gets a little cold. A friend and I were out backpacking, and were about 6 hours from the car when we found our camp site. I had a 40 degree sleeping bag with me and I didn't know tell that night it was going to get down to 18. It was a cold night that night!!!

  • They are Disappering

    As I was working on this photo I started to fade out the edges, with the branches for the trees disappearing I start to think of all the trees we are cutting down. It's a depressing photo, but cutting down trees is also depressing.

  • 55 MPR

    I was on my way back home form South Haven, with my lens out the window seeing what I could get, this is just one I got. No I was not driving.

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